New Post!

I have found two more Windham Hill CDs and will be posting them on this blog in the near future. I do apologize for abandoning this blog as I have had difficulty keeping it active. Once I organize my collection, there will be fresh new changes on this blog so be ready.

My Return & Israbox Find

Well I'm back. I know it has been a long while but I felt that it was time to update my blog. What I plan to do in the near future is find any albums (mostly in CD and mp3 formats) under the Windham Hill label that I own rather than post stuff I don't, which will make it easier on my part and more interesting on yours. As long as I keep checking my nearby Goodwill store, I can find all sorts of interesting stuff. Previous posts may either be re-posted with updated content and links or just simply re-edited so to keep it fresh on here. I will also review albums of the "Windham Hill Retrospective" and "Pure" series as well so do expect another Nightnoise post soon. In other news, I was browsing the music site Israbox to see if I could download any free songs to add to my Spotify playlists that aren't already on Spotify and I stumbled across this. It's the 1984 album, "Islands" by Scott Cossu.

Here is the front cover.

Here is the back cover, wh…

I'm Back...and I'm Prepared!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer. I do apologize for being gone for so long but with school and life's problems (one of them being my old Compaq computer being hacked and having to buy a new ASUS one), I just didn't have much time or determination to keep the blog running. I do, however, have a CD review and photos ready to be posted so keep an eye out for those. And one more final announcement - I may be changing this blog's name to Windham Hill Reviews, in order to focus strictly on the albums that I've purchased and researched rather than ones I researched on that I don't have. This will make it easier on me because I only have to make blog posts after a purchase rather than once a week, which can get overwhelming at times. And it will be more exciting for you, since you can now download content (images, mp3s, etc.) that comes from MY sources instead of the internet sources, which will make this blog more original. Thank you for hanging in there.

Filler Photo

This is just a filler post to let you know that I'm still active. My latest project is taking and gathering photos from both the web and my own personal collection to make a nature collage for my blog site's background. Here is one of the photos I plan to use:

Shutting down this site...APRIL FOOLS! But seriously, I really haven't been very active with this blog lately. However I have been coming up with ideas on how to re-organize the blog as well as going album shopping online and at thrift stores. I will continue to keep you updated on my official return.

George Winston - December 1982 (Christmas 2014 Post)

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! For this year's post, it will be a late one due to the fact that the holidays came by too quickly for me to prepare myself. Tonight I will be reviewing George Winston's 1982 album, December.

To learn more about George Winston, click the link here:

Now to begin, December is George Winston's fourth solo piano album, released in 1982 as a holiday album, follow up to the album Autumn, and as a tribute to the winter season. In 2001, a 20th Anniversary Edition of the album was released, including two bonus tracks not included on the original release. As of last year (2013), the album was again reissued by Valley Entertainment with Dancing Cat Records, since the original Windham Hill label is now defunct. This most recent reissue has been packaged in a Digipak and features a revised cover art, making the image wider and blending the text onto the art cover rather than above it.

For comparison's sake, he…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who visit my blog regularly. I have decided to only update my blog once to three times a month. This way I'm not overwhelmed with so much work and I can keep my blog active at the same time. Stay tuned for this year's Christmas post!